Identify the risks of money laundering and terrorism financing

Produce a tailor-made ML/TF risk assessment customised for your business.

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Risk Assessment

Integrated tool for ML/TF risk assessment

Assessing the money laundering and terrorism financing (ML/TF) risk to your business is at the core of your AML/CTF Program. Because you understand your business better than anyone else, you are in the best position to identify and assess the level of ML/TF risks it faces. bronID provides you with a SaaS portal to easily evaluate these risks. Answer a set of questions, and our algorithms will combine your answers with our collection of industry research and regulatory guidance to get your risk assessment right away. No need to hire consultants or go back and forth with emails. You can repeat this process as often as your business changes and evolves.

Control bank

Strategies to reduce ML/TF risk

Once you assess the ML/TF risk your business or organisation faces, you need to develop appropriate measures and controls to protect your business from being exploited by criminals. bronID provides you with a Control Bank that includes best practice measures and controls. The controls are ranked by the suitability for the ML/TF risks your business is facing based on industry research.

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