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Tired of uploading your passport and driver’s license over and over again to prove who you are? Create your bronID and you’ll never have to do this again.

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Create your digital identity and instantly verify when you access investment opportunities.

Set up your profile in less than five minutes. Use the same identity profile and onboard investment platforms in less than 3 seconds.

  • Create. Download the bronID app and follow the onboarding steps.
  • Verify. bronID will verify your identity in a compliant way with the KYC, AML & CTF requirements.
  • Use. Seamlessly onboard to investment and crypto services with your verified identity.

One bronID for many things.

Prove it’s you when you are buying and selling shares or crypto currency, pass the KYC/AML check, update your details to multiple platforms, access share registries within seconds, authorize off-market transactions, sign documents. All of this with one app. Instantly!

Only your biometrics can authorise a bronID data transfer. This way there is no need for usernames and passwords, we are all unique, let’s use it to make life easier.

With an inbuilt consent mechanism, bronID is the best way to share your personal information in a secure manner.


Security and privacy at its best.

bronID uses state-of-the-art encryption techniques to secure your data. Each bronID has an isolated storage that is detached from the rest of the bronID profiles and managed by separate key pairs.

We will never use your personal data without your consent for marketing, advertising or any other purpose. You are both the lock and the key to your digital identity! Nobody, including us, can use your personal details without your consent.

Creating a bronID will help protect you from fraud and identity theft. We are tracking feeds of unusual activity with the same ID attributes as yours. If we notice that your ID attributes are flagged by Australia’s most trusted institutions, you will be in the know.

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What is bronID?

bronID is a digital identity app that you can use to instantly and securely sign up or sign in to online and offline services. The app helps you securely store and transfer your most sensitive information and at the same time enables organizations to instantly verify you for KYC/AML/CTF purposes.

Where can I use my bronID?

You can use your bronID on our partner web sites. Just use the option "Sign In with bronID" and follow the steps.

How much does it cost to use bronID?

The bronID is a free service. Just download the free app and follow the steps to set up the your identity profile.

How long does it take to verify my identity?

Often your identity documents are verified almost instantly, however it can take up to 12 hours when first uploaded.

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