Your Verified Identity for financial and crypto services

bronID is a digital identity solution which enables you to login into services with verified identity documents in a simple and seamless way.

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How It Works

You can create and use your bronID in a few simple steps.
Why not start using it right away to access financial and crypto services?


Upload your identity documents to your bronID app. Keep an account of where you use your bronID with your bronID feed.


bronID will verify your identity documents, the stronger your bronID the more you can do with it. Once verified, your digital identity can be used more than once, in many different places.


You can now seamlessly onboard financial and crypto services and be verified instantly, instead of waiting for couple of days for approval. Share your identity attributes within seconds.

Seamlessly sign up and initiate a secure transfer of your digital identity attributes.

With bronID onboarding to a new financial or crypto service couldn’t be easier. By simply scanning a QR code, you are able to both sign up, complete verification and sign in with bronID, seamlessly, within seconds. Gone are days of waiting for verification for each financial service independently, carry your verified identity with you using bronID. Share only the required attributes with your consent. Take control of your digital identity with bronID.


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What is bronID?

bronID is a digital identity app that you can use to instantly and securely sign up or sign in to online and offline services. The app helps you securely store and transfer your most sensitive information and at the same time enables organizations to instantly verify you for KYC/AML/CTF purposes.

Where can I use my bronID?

You can use your bronID on our partner web sites. Just use the option Sign In with bronID and follow the steps.

How much does it cost to use bronID?

The bronID is a free service. Just download the free app and follow the steps to set up the your identity profile.

How long does it take to verify my identity?

Often your identity documents are verified almost instantly, however it can take up to 12 hours when first uploaded.

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